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Investor Relations

Welcome to the CarDana Investor information page, we're glad you took the time to stop in.

CarDana is not your typical investment, while we do intend to provide a meaningful financial return on your investment, where we think things really get interesting, are the social impact and outcomes your investment will facilitate. Imagine making a million-dollar investment and having a hundred million dollar impact. Like we said, not your typical investment.

CarDana is currently raising $1 million in a convertible note, 10% annualized interested, 4-year term and provides for a 20% discount at any liquidity event during the term. Funds raised are applied to building the scaleable next generation of the CarDana platform, key initial hires, extending IP and marketing/PR initiatives. This is intended to be our only fundraising round and will bring us to profitability.

This site is intended to be informative and address general interest. We encourage serious inquirers to provide your name and email address below, and we will enthusiastically respond as soon as possible and provide more detailed information.

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