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Welcome to the CarDana Charity information page, we're so glad you took the time to stop by.

At CarDana, our purpose is clear: To bring trust and a transparent donation experience while gleaning the highest possible value to our partner charities from each and every vehicle donation. We not only believe in, but are committed to an informed donor; a donor who trusts their experience and trusts that you, the charity they choose to support, will be the primary beneficiary of their donation proceeds.

CarDana maintains 3 key priorities:

  • Informed donor - our platform will calculate your donor’s vehicle value (projected sale price), projected expenses (tow, auction, DMV and CarDana fees), resulting in a ‘net’ charity proceeds figure AND an Impact Statement, informing your donor the specific impact their donation is going to make with your organization (very powerful and donors LOVE THIS!).
  • Charity proceeds - It’s your money! We charge a one-time, flat fee of 20% (of the vehicles sale price) and stringently manage expenses to assure your receive the highest possible proceeds. Obviously some are higher and some lower, to date, we average 70% (of the vehicle sale price) get’s to our charitable partners after all expenses (national average is in the 15-20% range).
  • Available to ALL charities - Many providers in the industry only want to work with the large charities (hoping for higher volume of donated cars) - we welcome and are honored to provide this valuable source of revenue to ALL charities!

The leadership team at CarDana has a combined 80 years in philanthropy. We understand that you need to focus on your work, but don’t want to miss out on this valuable source of revenue - we make getting started easy and it’s free, there’s no set-up or monthly fees, we are only compensated when you receive a car donation - period!

Our process is simple (and free):

  1. Create your free profile on the CarDana platform
  2. Let your supporters know there’s now another way they can support your work (newsletter, website, social, etc.) directing them to your profile page (using your unique URL generated when you create your profile)
  3. As donors donate, we automatically process your donations and forward your proceeds in typically less than 30 days (start to finish). Both you and your donors will receive your tax documents and a comprehensive statement showing all facts and figures - complete transparency!

Are you ready to get started, great! We are too!

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Some of the
Charities CarDana Supports

Therese Rickard

Laguna Beach

That was SO EASY! I loved being able to see how much money United Way
was going to receive and they even told us what impact that would make!
We’ve donated cars before; this was, hands-down, the best experience! Testimonials

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